When UTC looked like it was going down I didn’t have relevant technical skills to help with the back up and I had other things going on anyway. Since both of these things have cleared up I’ve been working on a few things.

The IDE can’t really go anywhere without SDTL2, and that’s still quite above my pay grade for the time being.

I did help with some CSS for the new archive browser, which should be released as a torrent any day now. Once I have a copy I can start building a cleaned archive of my own

Since I’ve been just hanging out in the scene a lot I’ve been poking around my old UDT files. I kinda forget how now haha but I’ve been working on my Sby*Snow pack for a few days. At the moment I’m thinking to build it in modules since that’s how I do everything anyway. I’m currently nearly done with a fluids retool and its giving me so many ideas for remaking slave bazaar which is yet another thing I want to do since I technically have the skills to make dialogues.

For the time being you can expect frequent updates here. The SDT Discord Server staff asked me to host the new archive even though UTC is back just to help Det out with server stress. My hosting here will serve files for a discord bot to help users link to files instead of needing someone to either look it up on UTC or just re-upload the same files a million times. Also back ups are good since UTC is still in flux.

I have a few things to show for the fluids re tool.

Spit breaking

The loader’s main setting file has  maxStrandLength=18  It seems to only effect spit strands. I set it below 4.0 and all but one or two will snap leaving really cool particle effects, there also seems to be a min length so all the small pieces vanish. I also used moreSpitStrands to increase the amount of spit for pulling off HIM.

In the end the game has more spit, a new cool particle effect and better performance.

The other thing I worked on yesterday was finally chasing down the very end of 4 bugs I’ve been trying to nail down for 2 years.

flashplayer10_3r183_90_win_sa_debug is the best flash project for SDT by far. At base performance it gets +4FPS compared to 11.1.102r which comes with Sby’s pack. And ~10 more frames compared to v32.

The main feature though is that every single flash projector version after 10_3 has a major bug where moving the mouse on the window can drop your frames by +12 and cause horrible hitching. This bug happens even if your mouse moments do nothing, such as waving it up and down, or moving while in auto mode

The only issue is that DA and its components don’t auto load through $INT$ or other system or character folders. I’ve found 2 other files that have this same behaviour. Stuntcock’s strandZoomFix and the plain HIM heads. As far as I can tell this is an issue with ModGuy’s Loader. All the files still work if you load them manually though some still produce a Mod Loading Failed error.

The last thing I worked on since I found an archive torrent with every single version of flash is I’ve obtained a Flash v10_3 NPSWF32.dll. If Some_Dude ever comes around he can downgrade SDTL2 to an old Electron version and use it instead of Google’s Pepper Flash plugin, which last time I tested it has the same performance as Flash v32

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