Dev Log 6/26/2020

If you’re from the future and you’ve arrived here you’ll notice a large gap from the first two post on this blog.

You should know that I’ve been thinking about this project for at least 4 years. I don’t really have a timeline or order to what I’d like to achieve in the end, but… I think what I was able to work on today is a good example of the direction I’d like to take the game.

AS. is my biggest knowledge gap but I get a strange feeling when reading it. I’m beyond lost but… from what I understand of the namespace structure to references its dead simple.

I have a lot of free time coming up. But today I worked for around 7 hours. I’d prefer short and consistent stints rather than today’s madness. I can’t make any promises to an ETA for the first build of the alpha. But for now everyone should know a public alpha is on the horizon.

Anyway here’s a video:

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